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Beyond The Mango Juice in no way implies that the ladyboys in any of the photographs are involved in the selling of sex, the photographs are for illustration purposes only.

I recently stated that Pattaya – Lets Go Go Girls was the last in my mini series looking into the working girls of Thailand. I was wrong, because today after some extensive research, I am going to look at Thai ladyboys in Pattaya.

Alcazar and Tiffany’s are two famous ladyboy shows in Pattaya and are actually rated world-famous in some entertainment review circles. The Alcazar show has run for over 20 years and has more than 400 stage artists in its show.

Tiffany’s show is slightly older in years, but the transvestites strutting its stage are as young as ever. Both shows attract visitors from all sexual walks of life and are worth viewing if you’re staying in Pattaya. So where exactly do we find the ladyboys of Pattaya? To do just that, Beyond The Mango Juice hitches up its skirt, and starts in the heart of Pattaya nightlife with a stroll down Walking Street.

During my early Thailand years I spent a lot of time in Pattaya and Walking Street is a place where I would often find myself on a night out. If you spend an evening in this famous street you’ll see lots of girlie beer bars, go go clubs, nightclubs, restaurants and shops. Walking Street is a mixed-bag of people and businesses.

When Pattaya’s midnight oil burns away and its last flicker fades, another day starts to burn bright on Walking Street. At about midnight, this world-famous street turns into one long catwalk. Freelancers, bar girls and ladyboys strut their stuff among the mass of tourists, hoping to get laid and paid before the morning sun rises.

ladyboy-2Even the most innocent tourist can spot many of the ladyboys swanning about. Their exaggerated hip wiggle and large feet are giveaway signs, but some shemales are harder to detect. The picture on the right shows how “stunning” a ladyboy can look even under Pattaya’s brightest neon lights.

Shocking, beautiful, outlandish and funny, they are all words used in dialogue about ladyboys. Walking Street is a human menagerie in itself, and if curiosity killed the cat, then Pattaya’s ladyboys must have made many inquisitive tourist hearts “paws” unwrapping their hotel towel. So where are the best places to meet ladyboys on Walking Street?

Jenny Star Bar and Ladyboy Linda Bar, as the latter bar implies, are the two most well-known ladyboy bars on Walking Street. If you are on the lookout for a ladyboy, play safe in more ways than one, and stick to the bars where ladyboys work. Freelance ladyboys are generally good honest people, much the same as their bar girl counterparts, but there is a larger element of bad among them, and some tourists have been robbed by freelancers. So how much are the inquisitive cats of Pattaya paying for a night with a ladyboy?

171974657_3ef173f630Ladyboys are working all over Pattaya in go go bars, girlie bars, restaurants, shops, in fact wherever you lay you’re hat that’s their home. Taking a ladyboy from one of the regular bars will cost you much the same as it would for a bar girl.

Many of Pattaya’s outside counter beer bars have a solitary ladyboy working alongside its bar girls. A walk down Soi 6, 7 & 8, will bring you into contact with the third sex. A bar fine will cost 200 – 500 baht, and the shemale of your dreams will be in the range of 700 – 1500 baht, depending on availability and pedigree. A more distinguished ladyboy such as the ones featured in the photos would be a lot higher in price, as would some of the more “glamorous” ones on view in Walking Street.

Ladyboys are not to everyone’s fancy, but how do you tell if the gorgeous looking girl is actually a guy or shemale. Here are a few tips, with no guarantee attached to them.

  • Males have an Adams Apple and ladyboys sometimes conceal it with a neck scarf.
  • Watch out for large hands and feet.
  • Height
  • A deep or overly camp voice.
  • Large breasts, why pay for a little when they can have a lot.
  • Excessive hip wiggle/walk.

Transvestite, billyboy, kathoey and ladyboy, are all words used to describe a shemale, but if ladyboys are not for you, then don’t show offence or offend one if they approach you. A polite refusal will give the correct signal that you are not interested, whereas some choice words are liable too cause a problem.Nowadays, ladyboys are an accepted part of Thai society especially in the tourist spots, so show some respect.

Thai Ladyboys – Pattaya, brings my Thailand sex industry mini series to an end. It started with an innocent post about Thai bar girls, and I was pleasantly surprised by the attention it brought, especially from keyword search hits.

Those hits on the first two parts of the series have continued, and this post was written as a basic guide for Thailand newbies, and a continuation of keyword search experimentation. Am I wrong to deliberately seek search hits? I don’t think so, because just like the Thai ladyboys posing their way down Walking Street in their short latex dresses, I’m on the lookout for punters too.[dublin-core-metadata]

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16 thoughts on “Thai Ladyboys – Pattaya

  1. Martyn and punters you will find I guarantee! Great article rich in content as well as keywords.

    Your articles in this series have certainly opened my eyes which can’t be bad for an old guy who though he had seen and done most things.

    Long may you have lead in your reporters pencil.

    Mike’s last blog post..Hat Wanakorn National Park Thailand

  2. Ladyboys oh my! I have yet to not recognize a ladyboy and while some are very attractive they do give me the shudders.

    I was advanced upon by a gaggle of the creatures my first night in Bangkok this past trip and they were nice but very husky lol.

    I’ve actually made friends with a couple of ladyboys in Pattaya and they are very much so human and nice….but there is a dark side to it all and after dark around the pier or beach road in Pattaya you should definitely watch out for yourself.

    Talen’s last blog post..Wat Arun

  3. Hi Martyn,
    A more than interesting read, but there is one thing that I just can’t understand. If you get a night with a ladyboy and don’t relaise until your at the point of no return, what do you do. Ask for a refund?

    The other point is why would anyone want to go with a ladyman anyway other than curiousity, what on earth do they get up to and which way do they turn when in action? This is all a mystery to most I guess and those who know I woudn’t trust sharing a romm with.

    This world is confusing enough without looking for women with big feet. I had to look twice that those pictures and can see how easily it is to be fooled, but then personally I wouldn’t be in such a compromsing position to ever have to find out.

  4. ‘The Mango Juice hitches up its skirt and starts with a stroll down Walking Street’

    My favourite line!

    I have a fondness for Ladyboys, although I haven’t really had much of a pleasure in Thailand.

    Backing up a bit…

    When I was growing up, my father was a Producer of musicals. In the mix were what I believe would be called Ladyboys today – funny, talented men who liked to dress and act as women.

    So there I was, getting on with becoming a young lass, all the while exchanging tips and suggestions with the lads of the chorus.

    We could talk about anything: The best lipstick to wear and when, how to catch the eye of the latest talent trying out for the show, anything.

    It was a grand experience and one I cherish.

  5. Mike – Once again thanks for your comment. I have just added a Popular Posts wordpress plugin to my sidebar which records individual page views, not counting the homepage. It is already showing that my keyword search posts are the clear leaders although it’s early doors yet. Another month and I think the evidence will be conclusive. Love the pencil bit.

    Martin – The point of no return will mean no return of your money. I believe that there are a lot of bi sexual men out there, many more than we would care to believe. Shemales are an accepted part of Pattaya life and like their big feet they ain’t going to go away.

    Talen – I hope you had a great time in the LOS. I actually find ladyboys quite a good laugh and I’m not freaked out in anyway by them, providing I’ve got the safety net of Wilai by my side. Ladyboys, evening time and Beach Road are an altogether different matter.

    Catherine – What a cracking comment, was it written with a glass of Somerset cider by your side. Your father had a wonderful career and it must have been exciting to be around the theatre at such a young age. A perfect grounding to comment on a post such as this.

  6. ‘a glass of Somerset cider by your side’.

    I’m afraid not, I was in Belgium at the time of that comment so no Somerset cider to be found 😉

    I loved growing up a theatre brat as the people were wonderful to know. No one was particularily famous, just interesting.

    Catherine’s last blog post..Bangkok Taxi Drivers: Die, No Problem

  7. I’m not sure what they drink in Belgium, lager I guess but anyway cheers and thanks for your marvelous comments. I see you are now up on the Thai big stage at number 11, congratulations and well deserved.

  8. There are over 300 Belgium beers of all colours (lagers, dark beer, fruity). I only tasted six while I was there – two were a fruity cherry flavour, one was amazing and one awful – so I’m no expert.

    Thanks for the congrats! Apparently WLT made it to 11 at Thai Stars right after starting holiday. I’ll post about it after I land back in BKK.

    Catherine’s last blog post..Bangkok Taxi Drivers: Die, No Problem

  9. Nothing wrong with posting a good article that is keyword rich… 🙂

    I’m not put off by ladyboy’s either. They have personalities all their own, and the few I’ve met have been right fun to chat with. I just treat them as people and enjoy the conversations. Some of them are quite the characters.

    Pattaya Pete’s last blog post..Sriracha Tiger Zoo – Pattaya Thailand

  10. Havent got a problem with this at all. Everone is entitled to be as they want. Looks like they are having fun to carry on!

  11. Fancy dress costumes – I picked up your url as from Swindon, my hometown. I’m writing this reply not too far from you. You are right, each to their own as long as it’s not harming anyone else.

  12. John I tried to contact the Lady Boys of Bangkok on their last visit to the UK in the hope of them answering a few questions. My email went unanswered. I was a bit disappointed with that.

  13. I think me husband would have benefited from seeing this before he went. Needless to say, he wasn’t quite so keen to cheat on me when he found out the truth. LOL
    .-= Susan Kennedy´s last blog ..Bangkok =-.

  14. Susan – A cheating husband, that’s not uncommon when visiting Thailand. The temptation is too much for some but a fear of ‘is it a ladyboy’ can get better behaviour out of others.

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