Possibly the Tastiest Thai Sandwich Ever Made

SAM 3550 Possibly the Tastiest Thai Sandwich Ever Made

When a beautiful Thai bar girl approaches you, sometimes you can’t stop your mind wandering to certain other things. Thailand and its ill-famed girl bar scene drums up one word to most of us when a striking bar girl comes into view, and that word is normally sex.

SAM 3549 Possibly the Tastiest Thai Sandwich Ever MadeThe girl in the top photograph displaying the famous Thai two finger salute works for a very reputable bar in Udon Thani and its bar girls only service customers with food, swift drinks and beautiful Thai smiles. However I couldn’t help but notice the word ‘Cheeze’ emblazoned across her ample chest. That got me thinking.

I was sat outside the Irish Clock talking with its host Trevor and Udon Thani newbie Terry about this, that and mainly the other when I decided to put a bright idea into action and create the prefect Thai bar girl sandwich. After a quick word with Trevor an onion was requested from the kitchen and the sexy looking bar girl called outside.

The four of us then created the perfect sandwich. It’s a Thai Style sandwich with an absolutely delicious looking cheese and onion filling. Fortunately the sweet lass didn’t have a clue what was going on otherwise I wouldn’t have my picture (see below). Terry’s partially hidden t-shirt motif ‘FCUK’ adds value to the photograph too. Especially for those with a sex sandwich quirk. Maybe Trevor’s shirt should have ‘Please’ in bold on the front.

Has a cheese and onion sandwich ever looked better?

SAM 3547 Possibly the Tastiest Thai Sandwich Ever Made

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  1. Lawrence – The ‘filling’ was a lovely sport although I’m sure she hadn’t a clue what was going on. The Irish Clock has a good family feel about the place and Trevor has a lot to do with that. I think it’s a bar where the employees really feel part of the firm.

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