Best Bars in Udon Thani – Up2u Bar

The Up2u bar in Udon Thani has two very different neighbours on either side of its quaint and modest looking premises. A Thai massage parlour winks at passers-by on one side and Udon Thani’s Nutty Park lures punters with cold beers and bar girls on the other. In the middle of all that mayhem and massage the Up2u bar goes about business in a way which in my opinion helps make it one of the best bars in Udon Thani.

The Up2u bar is on Prajak Road right in the heart of Udon Thani’s nightlife area and a stone’s throw from Udon’s new Central Plaza Shopping Mall (opening soon) and an Olympics style papaya shot putt from Udon Thani’s night market scene.

For the previous couple of years the Up2u bar has slowly ticked over in Udon Thani’s nightlfe scene with a muzzled cuckoo and a muffled chime. The Irish Clock bar has the loudest tick and tock in Udon Thani but the Up2u bar is at long last starting to make itself heard.

Business at the Up2u bar has picked up over the past few months and that’s solely down to a partnership with an excellent grounding and first class pedigree in Udon Thani’s bar scene. Husband and wife team Steve and Mali, original owners of Udon Thani’s best known bar the Irish Clock, are now at the helm of the Up2u bar and that guarantees a well run bar with quality food and excellent service. And the duo haven’t disappointed there.

The bar is a good meeting point for friends on a night out in Udon Thani and also a great place to wile away a few hours with a meal and one or two beers. Families are welcome and the atmosphere cordial, and as mentioned earlier it is centrally located and ideal for Udon Thani’s nightlife and shopping experience.

The menu at the Up2u bar has both western and Thai food served all day from late morning to late at night. All day breakfast is priced from 120-170 baht and the whopping fish and chips pictured on the right is a mouth-watering 160 baht. That’s just under five US dollars and slightly over three British pounds.

There’s also steaks, pies, meatballs, burgers, stew, curries and other western dishes on the menu and all are available for takeaway. And Up2u’s cheeseburger has rated a big thumbs up on Udon Thani’s popular forum Udonmap.

The menu includes a wide-ranging list of Thai dishes which are popular with both westerners and their Thai partners and a meal for two including a couple of strong drinks will usually struggle to breach the 500 baht ($15 US) barrier. Pictured on the right is a very spicy Thai seafood salad.

The Up2u bar has live TV sports action for those wishing to catch the latest football and other big sports events and its central locality means a samlor (tuk tuk) is only an outstretched hand away. It’s also a great spot mid afternoon for eyeballing Udon Thani bar girls as they arrive for their shift at Nutty Park. There’s also the massage girls to ogle too.

The Up2u bar is now starting to punch its weight in Udon Thani’s  competitive nightlife arena and its friendly atmosphere, value for money menu and new management team deservedly earn it a place in my list of the best bars in Udon Thani.

Update… Udon Thani 2014 – Since writing this post in March 2012, the business has changed hands and is now called Good Corner Restaurant and Bar. The layout is the same and the food and prices still good quality and value.

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  1. Martyn, I first read ‘Up2u bar’ as ‘Juice Bar’ but did a double-take because, well, it’s you, right? For some reason, and I might be wrong, I can’t see you in a juice bar. Not that you wouldn’t go, eventually, but aren’t juice bars right up there with man bags and pink shirts?

    Please give my regards and congrats to Steve and Mali. I swear, one day I’ll show up and surprise you all. One day… But first, I need to get my fingernails to grow back (been that kind of a tough week).
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  2. Catherine – Sorry about my late reply but I’ve been working and also trying to figure out how I spend so much money. Where does it all go. I thought online banking and their mini statements were meant to make you organised not confused. The confusion comes from me very slowly piecing together my week via the ATM withdrawals. I really do need to get a grip on my spending.

    I won’t be visiting a Juice Bar. Not for me.

    I’ve never been a fingernail biter. I do believe people who do gnaw away can get some kind of foul tasting nail varnish to apply and stop them biting their fingernails.

  3. Catherine, going South is an appropriate term for a broken fridge. Southern areas normally being warmer than Northern ones. Your fridge has lost it’s cool feeling.

    It’s Cheltenham’s Four-Day Race Festival (horse racing) at the moment here in the UK and I’ve got two days off work. A warm bar with a giant TV, beer, and an ATM not too far away could mean trouble for me.

    Aren’t budgets like rules…they’re meant to be broken.

  4. Catherine – I had to look up the ingredients of a Long Island Iced Tea. Gin, Tequila, Vodka, Rum and not much else. The damage would be a lot heavier in Europe. Take comfort in that.

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