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When it comes to education and classroom lessons most men dream about being taught by a beautiful female teacher, and for most, it wouldn’t matter what the lesson was in as long as the teacher was cute looking and sexy. For some, a foreign language lesson from a beautiful woman teaching her native tongue is irresistible, a turn on might be better words…. meet Kruu Wee.

kruu-weeKruu (teacher) Wee, full name Orrawee Naksuwan, is an online Thai language teacher whose lessons are relayed via Skype and YouTube. Wee’s lessons focus on what a student’s individual needs are in regard to relationships, work, business or just learning Thai as a hobby. Her style of teaching is very animated with a sultry, sexy voice thrown in.

One-on-one Thai language lessons with Wee via Skype can be booked from her website, Learn Thai With Kruu Wee, prices start from $18 per hour and cover both Basic and Intermediate Advance Conversation. Wee’s website also has stacks of pages with useful free Thai language lessons and videos. Their subject includes the following:

  • Thai Grammar
  • How long/far/old
  • How to order food
  • Telling time in Thai
  • Thai slang
  • Days and months

Kruu Wee’s language lessons are serious but with a huge dose of charismatic fun lavishly spoon fed from the teacher to pupil. Below I’ve posted one of Wee’s video’s which tackles the use of the word khii (shit) in its broader scope and covers words like khiikiat (lazy). The video perfectly showboats Wee’s individual bubbly learning style.


[iframe_loader src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/99Tltddkb0s” width=”635px” height=”385px” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ > ]

Easy access to Kruu Wee’s YouTube video’s (31 of them) can be viewed via this link – Kruu Wee Teaches Thai.[dublin-core-metadata] If you have enjoyed this post then why not get Beyond The Mango Juice delivered free to your desktop or by email via my RSS feed…… You can also sign up for my Beyond The Mango Juice page on Facebook by clicking on the link here.

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