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Nong OuiSome of the pleasures that derive from winning the big one in any countries national lottery are young chicks,  fast cars, flash motorbikes and beach holidays. All at once they become finger click accessories. Harley Davidson’s, dumper trucks and Pattaya are all the toys of boys and Nong Oui the frog maybe a girl but she is no different in also wanting them all.

The story of Nong Oui goes back to 2007 and Roi-Et Province in the Northeast of Thailand. Roi-Et translates to 101 and that is strangely coincidental in a story about a frog with an amazing ability to predict Thai National Lottery winning numbers.

When Tongsai Boommrungsai a 52-year-old married woman from Roi-Et spotted a frog in her garden holding a young chick in its mouth she stared straight into the frogs protruding eyes and demanded that she drop it. The frog obliged and from then onwards Nong Oui became part of the Boommrungsai family.

She was given a free hop of the house and local villagers would often call on Tongsai and Nong Oui the frog. When the villagers started seeing numbers on the stretched skin of Nong Oui’s stomach they placed money on the lottery and a legend was  born when the lucky numbers came in. Was it “Luck of the Irish”  Roi-Et style or just the plain fact that frogs are naturally spawny buggers. The visitors numbers swelled and more winning numbers were seen.

Nong Oui certainly had the stomach to face the new onrush of villagers and for the next 10 consecutive lottery draws she produced winning two and three digit numbers. Soon the Boommrungsai household was overrun with people and so to escape the amphibian’s ever-growing fan club,Tongsai took Nong Oui, his Harley Davidson toy motorbike and dumper truck, and fled to Pattaya. By now Nong Oui’s young chick had outgrown the frog’s mouthy ways and she was happy to be left behind.

The last sighting I could track down of Nong Oui was in Pattaya and accompanied by a quote to local press in January 2008 from Tongsai saying as soon as all the fuss had died down in their Roi-Et village, she and the black spotted frog would return home to her husband. No mention at all of the young chick waiting for the return of the fowl mouthed frog.

Let’s hope they are now all living as one big happy family in their Roi-Et village and not as a husband and wife struggling in poverty with only a meagre supply of rice and les cuisses de grenouilles in the freezer.

For once Beyond The Mango Juice applies simple logic and with the Roi-Et 101 connection offers these numbers for all future two digit Thai National Lottery draws. Please remember that if you do use these lottery tips then only place money that you can afford to lose or as the post is about Nong Oui, Toulouse. Good luck.

01      02      10      11


Photograph     Nong Oui byAnanova

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15 thoughts on “Strange Ways – Thai National Lottery Tips

  1. OK I am going to be first to comment on this one HD and make a fool of myself.

    I don’t get the link in the last paragraph!

    Put it down to old age or lack of serious education but please help me so I can tell the story to my Gecko.
    .-= Mike´s last blog ..Cost of Living Thailand =-.

  2. LOL! Fabulous! A frog on a Harley? A chick eating frog on a Harley Davidson picking lotto numbers?

    And kudos to you for getting that fantastic frog on a bike photo. Excellent.

    I haven’t been on a Harly for years. I grew up with Harleys always somewhere in the background – my great uncle is Tom Sifton – but running around the roads of SE Asia doesn’t have quite the same allure as going up coastal highway 101 like a bat out of hades chased by the devil himself.
    .-= Catherine´s last blog ..A Year’s Worth of Women Learning Thai… and Some Men Too 😉 =-.

  3. Mike I have probably made a fool of myself with the link. To lose and Toulouse are very similar and the French are of course very big frogs legs consumers as well as being referred to by the British as fr*gs of course. I think you are probably right.

    Catherine I have just researched your great uncle and what a guy he was.

    “Born John Thomas Clifford Sifton on September 11, 1903 in Ebenezer, New York, Sifton grew up on a farm and rode a pony to school every day as a youngster….”

    He certainly moved on from ponies and I read about his involvement with motorcycle racing as well as Harley Davidson. Even during his latter years, badly suffering with arthritis he would still stand for hours at a machine lathe working on engine parts. A truly gifted and gutsy man.

  4. Tom Sifton was a truly amazing man. I didn’t move to the US until I was 14, and he was already an old man by then, living with his daughter Jean in San Jose.

    He’d tell me wonderful stories about the races he won back then. If I’m remembering it correctly, back then first place was US$1000 and second got ziltch.

    His biggest regret? (or at least the one I heard the most). He invented the vibrating chair but did not take the time to patent it.

    Now about that frog riding on a motorcycle…

    Where DID you get that photo? It’s fantastic!

    I can never find the photo I need at the time, so I’m forced to take my own.
    .-= Catherine´s last blog ..I Love Thailand and the Lands of Thailand =-.

  5. Catherine I always leave a credit at the bottom of each post for any photographs that are not mine…..however in this case I am not sure whose photo it is so I left a link to the more obvious copyright owner. As soon as I saw the photo and story I thought I’ve got to research this a little more and do my own story version of Nong Oui. Plus it should get a few keyword hits.
    I read about Tom Sifton’s amazing motorcycle career and you must be real proud to have known him and to have the great man as a link in your family tree.

  6. Apologies, now I see the credit line. And I can certainly see why you’d want to write this one up as it’s a jewel. Great catch!

    Yes, I am very proud of Tom. It wasn’t such a big deal growing up (it just ‘was’). I knew him as an interesting, aging man with wonderful stories to tell. It was only when the internet hit and I googled him, that I realised the fullness of his life.

    Just this May I came across a photo of me taken at his house overlooking San Jose. With me looking just like a hippie 🙂 14 years old… sigh…
    .-= Catherine´s last blog ..I Love Thailand and the Lands of Thailand =-.

  7. There was a village a few years ago that swore by a banana tree for their lottery numbers. My girls aunt decided one night that a particular hot dog in 7/11 was communicating numbers to her so she rushed off to get a lottery ticket…she didn’t win but at least the hot dog didn’t go to waste…I quite liked it.
    .-= Talen´s last blog ..Thai Sticky Rice Containers =-.

  8. Talen what a great story about the hot dog, that sounds about right. I once took a guess at the two digit number and it came in, Wilai asked me how I’d known and I white lied and said I’d seen the number in the sky. She has kept asking me ever since if I have seen the lottery numbers in the sky.

  9. Hi Martin,

    There’s a link to the goose that laid the golden egg in there somewhere.

    Also Toad of Toad Hall rings a bell looking at the expression on that frog’s face and the power he is sitting on.

    I think luck is a lottery with many swings and roundabouts! Played sensibly a bit of fun, however I still call the lotteries the idiot tax.

    Well put over story Martyn.

    Take care
    .-= Martin In Bulgaria´s last blog ..No Outside Toilet – Doesn’t Feel Right =-.

  10. Will my 14 year old self be posted on WLT? At this point I don’t think so. It might ruin my squeaky clean reputation 😀
    .-= Catherine´s last blog ..Announcing the Thai 101 Learners Series =-.

  11. This is such a crazy story. I wish there were some lottery fables in the States that are as entertaining as this one – I bet more people would want to start playing the lottery.

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